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ASIA: Nepal - China. Himalaya expedition Mount Everest (8850m) South Side. (Full guides and high sherpa service) - with a Russian Mountain Guide 7 SUMMITS CLUB Collection

Mount Everest, with 8848 m, is the world's highest peak. Climbers aiming for the summit must survive the extreme conditions of the 'Death Zone' and perform great feats of endurance. The highest mountain in the world attracts well-experienced mountaineers as well as novice climbers who are willing to pay substantial sums to professional mountain guides to complete a successful climb. The mountain, while not posing substantial technical climbing difficulty on the standard route (other eight-thousanders such as K2 or Nanga Parbat are much more difficult), still has many inherent dangers such as altitude sickness, weather and wind.

Everest expeditions 7 SUMMITS CLUB – Russian team

Trip overview:

Kathmandu - Lhasa - Xigatse- Xegar – Base Camp (BC) – Advanced Base Camp (ABC) - North Col (NC) - Summit – Dzangmu - Kathmandu

Why go there?

We offer full service expedition, i.e.we provide members with:

- High-altitude sherpa - 1 for 1 member
- Guides (Everest summiters) - 1 for 5 members
- Oxygen-cylinders "POISK" – 6 for one climber
- Doctor in BC-ABC-NC
- Stationary radios in all camps and a walkie-talkie for each member
- 4 fully equipped Camps 5100m, 5800m, 6400m and 7000m
- we provide sleeping bags and sleeping pads in Camps 5800м, 7000м, 7800м and 8300м
- 2 fully equipped Camps 7800m and 8300m: with tents, sleeping bagspads, gas-stoves, pans, gas-cartridges, freeze-dried food, oxygen-cylinders. Everything is delivered to Camps by expedition Sherpas
- free access to e-mail, TV set, DVD, sauna in BC 5100m

All our high-altitude Sherpas have Everest experience. They bring all the team equipment and oxygen-cylinders to high camps and go with team all the way from ABC to the summit

Our expedition starts in Katmandu: we are all meeting in the Yak&Yeti 5***** hotel. Members arriving by different flights are met at the airport and brought to the hotel. The team will number 18-20 in all.

Three days later on April 4 we start for Tibet. From Katmandu we fly to Lhasa (3600m), drive to Xigatse (3900m) and Xegar(4200m). We have one day of rest in Xegar for acclimatization and the next day we drive to Everest BC (5200m).

After 2-3 days in BC we start with yaks to IBC (5800m). The next day we proceed to ABC (6400m) where we pitch a camp similar to our BC.

A day later, after our Sherpas have pitched Camp 1 on the North Col (7000m), we move there and spend one night for acclimatization. Then we descend to BC and have 3-4 days’ rest there.

After that we start again for ABC – by this time our Sherpas will have established Camp 2 (7700m).

So, we reach Camp 1 (North Col) and make an attempt to reach Camp 2. In case we cannot do this due to bad weather or the lack of acclimatization, we descend to ABC, have a short rest there, and try to reach 7700m again. After one night at 7700m we go down to BC and have a long rest there. So by that time we will make three acclimatization outings.

Meanwhile our Sherpas establish Camp 3 (8300m), after May 15-17 the whole team move to ABC and we wait there for a spell of good weather.

As a rule, after a night at 8300m and a summit attempt, you run out of strength and oxygen necessary for a second bid…
So the most important thing here is to assess as objectively as possible your stamina, both mental and physical…
And here your personal high altitude Sherpa – if you have chosen to hire one – comes in very handy, for he will carry your oxygen to the top (and help you down if need be). The only drawback is he will cost quite a sum. But certainly you will get a very good value for your money – at the bad concourse of circumstance it might be your life’s value.

The advantage of our expedition is that in terms of weather it uses the best time: late May – early June.

So we should return to Kathmandu on June 7 or 8. We stay at the Yak&Yeti again and leave it for home bringing a piece of Everest in our hearts.

We plan to run this program every year, so, if you are interested, contact us for details.

Everest expeditions 7 SUMMITS CLUB – Russian team

Prices for friends, familiy and sponsors:

North Col program (30 days) - 12 900 USD

If you want to bring your family, they can join all the way to North Col! or ABC/BC, the following prices are all inclusive from Kathmandu.

- ABC program (1 month and less) - 7000 USD
- ABC program (1 month - 2 month)- 7500 USD
- BC program (15 days and less) - 5000 USD

The 2 months’ programs means your relatives (or our sponsors) join the team for the whole program, so we all arrive and leave together. Joining the 1 month programs, your people will have to leave earlier.


Day 1 Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel Yak&Yeti 5*****
Day 2-3 Katmandu, waiting for Tibet visa
Day 4 Flight from Katmandu to Lhasa (3650m) and transfer to hotel.
Day 5 Day in Lhasa (3650m). Sightseeing: Potala Palace, Norbulinka Summer Palace & Metzekhang.
Day 6 Driving to Xigatse (3900m), visiting Shalu Monastery and Tashilunpo in Xigatse en route.
Day 7 Driving to Xegar (4200m)
Day 8 Day of acclimatization and rest in Xegar
Day 9 Driving to Everest BC (5200m)
Days 10-12 At the Base Camp (5200m)
Day 13 Moving from Base Camp to the Interim Base Camp (5900m)
Day 14 To Advanced Base Camp (6500m)
Days 15-53 Moving to Summit for summit attempt
Day 54 Descending from ABC
Day 55 Descending from BC
Day 56 Driving to Zangmu
Day 57 Driving from Zangmu to Katmandu
Days 58 Night in hotel in Katmandu
Day 59 Depart from Katmandu

Price includes:

  • Experienced expedition leader (Everest summiter) from "7 Summits Club"
  • High-altitude porters (Sherpas) - 1 for 1 member
  • Guides (Everest summiters) - 1 for 5 members
  • Doctor in BC
  • Oxygen set: mask + reducer – 1 item per climber (for ascent only)
  • Oxygen bottles "POISK" – 6 items per climber (for ascent only)
  • 4 fully equipped camps: BC, IBC, ABC and (a new
  • Option) NC camp
  • Fully equipped high camps
  • Free e-mail service in BC
  • TV and DVD in BC
  • Permit for visiting Tibet
  • Climbing permit
  • Meeting and seeing off at all necessary points of the route
  • Transfers in Katmandu according to the program
  • Airfare Kathmandu-Lhasa
  • Bus and truck for the loads to Zangmu and back
  • Jeeps and lorry for the participants of the team from Lhasa to BC and from BC to the Zangmu
  • 1 yak per expedition member from BC to ABC and back
  • Hotel in Katmandu Yak&Yeti 5***** for 3 nights before and 2 nights after expedition in double rooms
  • All hotels in Tibet
  • Breakfasts in Katmandu
  • Food in Tibet
  • Food in BC, IBC, ABC and the NCC– 3 meals a day
  • Tents for members and supporting staff in BC, IBC, ABC and the NCC
  • Mess-tent in BC, IBC, ABC and the NCC, tables, chairs and tableware
  • Fuel for stoves in BC, IBC, ABC and the NCC
  • Cooking equipment in BC, IBC, ABC and the NCC
  • 2 electric generators: 1 for BC and 1 for ABC
  • First-aid kit
  • Chinese liaison officer
  • Nepalese cooks
  • Tibetan kitchen-boys
  • Gas-bottles (250gr.) for high camps only
  • Tents for high camps
  • Sleeping bags for high camps and IBC
  • Ropes
  • Ice screws
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Team jacket
  • Team T-shirts - 2

Price does not include:

  • Extra nights in hotel in Katmandu
  • Flight to Kathmandu
  • Personal equipment for the ascent
  • Lunches and dinners in Kathmandu
  • Tips (for the maintenance staff)
  • Personal travel, medical and rescue insurance.
  • Extra personal (high-altitude) Sherpa
  • Nepalese multiple-entry tourist visa
  • Airport taxes in Kathmandu

Everest expeditions 7 SUMMITS CLUB – Russian team

Good advice:

Climbing Everest is a dangerous pastime.

No one can guarantee your safety at 7000m and much less at 8000m and over. So in our price we include personal high altitude Sherpa-guides for the summit attempt.

According to our long Everest experience it is a must, especially if you have no previous experience in climbing above 8000m. A Sherpa-guide will enormously enhance your safety and chances of successful summiting. He will carry the supply of your oxygen to the top (and help you down if need be).

The only drawback is he will cost quite a sum. But certainly you will get a very good value for your money – at the bad concourse of circumstance it might be your life’s value.

Alexander Abramov and Korobeshko Luda

Necessary travel papers (documents)

- Permit for visiting Tibet (a group one) - Climbing permit for Everest - Four passport photos (for visas)

By air and by land:

- Transfer from Kathmandu to BC
- Meeting and seeing-off
- City transfers in Kathmandu
- Airfare Kathmandu - Lhasa
- Bus and truck for the loads to Zangmu and back to Katmandu
- One jeep (or minibus) for 4 members and a truck for luggage and staff from Zangmu to the Base Camp and back
- Carrying loads above BC: yaks carry loads from BC to ABC and back. One yak (40 kg) per member from BC to ABC.
- Yaks carry your personal equipment.
- High altitude Sherpas carry all expedition equipment above ABC.

They pitch and strike high camps and bring up and down all the camping (including sleeping bags with foam pads), climbing gear, food and oxygen. The latter is brought to three camps: at 7000m (one 4-liters “Poisk” bottle per member), 7700m (one 4-liters “Poisk” bottle per member) and 8300m (three 4-liters “Poisk” bottles per member).


- Hotel Yak&Yeti 5***** in Katmandu for 5 nights in double rooms (3 nights before and 2 nights after expedition)
- All hotels in Tibet: in Lhasa, Xigatse, Zangmu, Nialam, Old Tingri, Xegar (rooms for 2-6)
- In BC and ABC - 1 tent for 1 member
- High camps – 1 tent for 3 members

Meals: - Breakfasts only in Katmandu (lunches and dinners are not included)
- Meals in Tibet on the way to BC – 3 times a day in restaurants
- Meals in the BC, IBC, ABC and the NCC– 3 times a day, prepared by Nepalese cooks with the help of Tibetan kitchen-boys on gas stoves in kitchen tents. In these camps you can get any amount of hot water for washing and boiled water for drinking. We eat in spacious mess tents equipped with tables and chairs.

Food for the ascent: we provide special light-weight dehydrated food-stuffs made by western companies and in the camp higher the NC you make your meals yourselves on gas stoves. The cooking is simple, just add boiled water and wait a bit. Water is melted snow.


- Expedition leader from "7 Summits Club" - experienced Everest summiter
- Chinese liaison officer
- Nepalese cooks: one for BC and one for ABC
- Tibetan kitchen boys: one for BC and one for ABC
- High-altitude porters (Sherpas), all with Everest experience: one for a member. They go with the team all the way form ABC to the summit
- Guides – one for 5 members
- Doctor in BC

Health and medical insurance:

There will be a doctor in BC. We provide a big expedition first aid kit with all the necessary first aid (only!) medicines, and we strogly recommend that you bring your own specific ones you think you might need. Medical insurance is a must!


Weather on Everest is very changeable. Every day we will look for forecasts in Internet and adjust to them our planning of acclimatization and ascent.

Extra expenses:

- Single accommodation in Katmandu (5 nights) – 300USD
- Extra nights in the “Yak&Yeti”5***** hotel in Kathmandu in double rooms
- Individual jeep transfer from BC to Jangmu – 800USD
- Individual jeep transfer from Jangmu to Katmandu – 300USD
- Outing from BC to Shigar (4000m) for rest – paid in cash on the spot
- Extra mask and regulator (1 set) - 700USD
- Extra oxygen 4 liters cylinder - 600USD
- Delivery of extra cylinders to high camps – 150USD for one
- Extra yak for personal equipment (40 kg maximum) from BC to ABC or from ABC to BC – 150USD
- Tips for BC and ABC staff – about 200USD from member
- Price of your personal Sherpa, who carries your personal stuff from BC to high-altitude camps and goes with you from BC to high camps all the way from BC to the summit, is 8000 USD (includes oxygen, food, personal gear and permits)
- Personal mountain guide (Everest summiter) - 42.000 USD (includes oxygen, personal gear, salary, permits and airfare)
- Internet, phone


- In BC and in ABC we organize 220V with the help of generator and 12V with Solar batteries.
- Each member will have a possibility to charge any electronic device
- In Camps 5800m and 7000m - 12 V with Solar batteries


- On the route we use radios with 144.00 frequency. All guides and Sherpas will have Walkie-Talkie.


- There is GSM in Everest BC (mobile coverage at 1800 frequency)
- In Lhasa you will have a chance of buying local sim card of China Mobile "Thuraya" satellite phone works fine evrywhere on the route.


- We will arrange Wi-Fi with GPRS for commom use, but....
- GPRS internet is pretty low. And everyone needs to work.

So we advise:

- As long as we will have GPRS coverage your personal Communicators (palms) and Laptops will work fine
- You can buy GPS modem in Lhasa also you will have a chance of buying China SIM card with unlimited internet (about 100 USD) and then insert it into your GPRS modem or communicator.

- Thus you will have your personal Internet.

Possibility of renting personal equipment:

- If you have not enough experience and you want to increase the chances for the summit and safe descent you need help of extra one personal Sherpa or even personal guide, who will work with you during all expedition from BC to summit.

- The price for extra one personal high-altitude Sherpa for carrying your personal stuff from BC to high-altitude camps, accompany you from BC to high-altitude camps during acclimatization period, accompany you all the way from BC to the summit is 6000 EURO (include oxygen equipment,personal equipment,all the bonuses and salary for the expedition)

- Personal western guide (Everest summiter) - 30 000 EURO(include oxygen equipment,personal equipment, salary for the expedition, aircraft ticket)

Personal gear:

On Everest climbers use 2 Base Camps – BC (5100m) and ABC (6500m).Hence it is advisable to have 2 sets of Base Camp equipment for Everest (e.g. – 2 sleeping bags so that you don’t have to carry your sleeping bag up and down).

the price includes some personal equipment:

- Oxygen Set – 1mask + 1 reducer + 6 oxygen cylinders “Poisk” 4L,
- 1 Team jacket (windblock),
- 2 Team T-shirts.

Equipment for BC and ABC:

- Duffle bag
- Sleeping bag -2 items
- Foam pad
- Gas lamp
- Gas stove
- Gas cylinders - 4-5 items
- Personal items for washing
- Your favorite games

-Notebook (if necessary)

Technical Equipment for the ascent:

- Crampons (e.g. Grivel G12)
- Rucksack 70-80 liters
- Rucksack 35-40 liters
- Harness
- Prussiks
- Karabiners with screwgate lockers - 3 items
- Jumar (ascender)
- Telescope ski poles
- Thermos
- Rappel device
- Ice Axe
- Head lamp
- Photo camera
- Video camera and assessors
- Accumulators
- Personal crockery for high camps

Equipment for body and feet:

- Trekking shoes
- Boots of "Everest" Millet type
- Down jacket + down trousers (or down overalls)
- Gore-tex jacket with wide hood
- Gore-tex trousers (better semi-overalls)
- Windblock jacket
- Windblock trousers
- Jacket "Polartec - 100" - 2 items
- Warm underwear - 2 sets
- Personal underwear
- Polartec gloves – 2 pairs
- Thinsulate gloves
- Thinsulate mittens - 2 pairs
- Warm woolen socks - 4-5 pairs
- Balaclava
- Warm hat
- Windblock face mask
- UV glasses
- Ski goggles (preferably)
- Gaiters

The price includes some personal equipment:

- oxygen equipment (1mask + 1 reducer + 3 Oxygen cylinders “Poisk” 4L)
- 1 Team jacket (windblock)
- 2 Team T-shirts

Everest expeditions 7 SUMMITS CLUB – Russian team

Dates and Prices

Tour Information:

April to May


8.5, difficult (technical 3 + altitudinal 5.5)


* 20.04. - .29.05.2017

* 42,040 EUR (2,230,621 rubles)


Available-CONTACT *Available

Alexander Abramov

50 days

Minimal: 12  Maximal: 15

Country / Location:
China (Nepal)

Mountain Guide:
Alex Abramov
7 Summits Club

Other dates / additional info:
Contact Us

3% early bird discount when booking 6 months prior to departure 2017

Legend Booking-information
EZZ Single room supplement
On this trip, places are still available. - CONTACT US On this trip, places are still available.
On this trip, only a few places left. On this trip, only a few places left.
booked up - This trip is sold out / closed This trip is sold out / closed.

Alexander Abramov
Alexander Abramov
E.mai: info@7vershin.ru

Master of Sports in mountaineering ,Instructor of mountaineering, mountain guide, The first Russian man to complete the 7 Summits and the 14 eight thousand Himalayan Mountains

Mingma Gelu Sherpa - 7 SUMMITS TEAM
Mingma Gelu Sherpa
Mountain Guide


Mingma Gelu is our sirdar of all Everest expedition. From this year he is a director of
"7 Summits Adventure company (Nepal)".

Juventino Albino Caldua
Mountain Guide & Tour Operator
Mobile: +51 943780600

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