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"Cure for the Body and Soul - Ayahuasca: the Ancient Medicine of the Incas"
Ayahuasca (usually pronounced /aɪjəˈwæskə/ or /ˈaɪjəˈwɑːskə/), is a psychedelic brew of various plant infusions prepared with the Banisteriopsis caapi vine. It is either mixed with the leaves of dimethyltryptamine (DMT)-containing species of shrubs from the genus Psychotria or with the leaves of the Justicia pectoralis plant, which does not contain DMT.

How indigenous peoples discovered the synergistic properties of the plants used in the ayahuasca brew remains unclear. Many indigenous Amazonian people say they received the instructions directly from plants and plant spirits.

Avatars: Shamans of the Amazon - The Ayahuasca Experience - Bullet Version

Ayahuasca - Interview in Lima, Peru.


People who have consumed ayahuasca report having spiritual revelations regarding their purpose on earth, the true nature of the universe as well as deep insight into how to be the best person they possibly can be. This is viewed by many as a spiritual awakening and what is often described as a rebirth. In addition it is often reported that individuals can gain access to higher spiritual dimensions and make contact with various spiritual or extra dimensional beings who can act as guides or healers.

It is nearly always said that people experience profound positive changes in their life subsequent to consuming ayahuasca and it is often viewed as one of the most effective tools of enlightenment. There are many reports of miraculous physical as well as emotional and spiritual healing resulting from the use of ayahuasca.

For various reasons many shamans and experienced users of ayahuasca advise against consuming ayahuasca when not in the presence of one or several well-trained shamans. It is believed that one of the core functions of a shaman is to provide a kind of spiritual protection that keeps negative entities away. This includes not only spirits but other shamans referred to as brujos who practice a form of shamanic witchcraft and can enter the space and attempt to harm people having consumed ayahuasca.

Additionally, these brujos often masquerade as real shamans enticing tourists to drink ayahuasca in their presence. Real shamans believe one of the purposes for this is to steal ones energy and or power, which they believe every person has a stockpile of. It is believed to be very important for individuals seeking an ayahuasca experience to find a reputable shaman before hastily drinking with anyone who claims to be a shaman or offers one ayahuasca.

Certain pharmaceutical drugs, particularly SSRIs, can cause dangerous reactions when consumed with ayahuasca. Any anti-anxiety or antidepressant medication should strictly be avoided for at least one week before and after an ayahuasca ceremony. It is recommended that if you are taking any medications that you consult your doctor well in advance.


Users of ayahuasca in non-traditional contexts often align themselves with the philosophies and cosmologies associated with ayahuasca shamanism, as practiced among indigenous peoples. While non-native users know of the spiritual applications of ayahuasca, a less well-known traditional usage focuses on the medicinal properties of ayahuasca.

When used for its medicinal purposes ayahuasca affects the human consciousness for less than six hours, beginning half an hour after consumption, and peaking after two hours.

Ayahuasca also has cardiovascular effects, moderately increasing both heart rate and diastolic blood pressure.

In some cases, individuals experience psychological stress during the experience. It is for this reason that extreme caution should be taken with those who may be at risk of heart disease. The psychedelic effects of ayahuasca include visual and auditory stimulation, the mixing of sensory modalities, and psychological introspection that may lead to great elation, fear, or illumination.

When taking Ayahuasca it is important to follow the advised dietary restrictions. In the rainforest, these tend towards the purification of one's self – abstaining from spicy and heavily-seasoned foods, excess fat, salt, caffeine, acidic foods (such as citrus) and sex before, after, or during a ceremony.

► "Cure for the BODY and SOUL, Ayahuasca Chaman ceremony with our Organization Peru Expeditions in Huaraz"

If you are interested or have questions about more information contact Eric Albino ✓

Mobile: +51 943081066 or E-mail: office@peru-expeditions.org 

Dates and Prices

Ayahuasca Ceremony Information:

Season: All Year


✓ Saturday 21sr- February, 2016.
✓ Sunday 22sd - February, 2016.
✓ Monday 23rd- February, 2016.
✓ Tuesday 24th - February, 2016.
✓ Wednesday 25th - February, 2016.


Available * Available

Eric Albino

By Request

Participants: Minimal: 2  Maximal: 15

Country / Location:

Shaman (Master Healer):
Donaldo Roque Cumapa

Local Cordinator:
Juventino Albino Caldua

Other dates / additional info:
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Donaldo Roque Cumapa – Maestro Curandero
Donaldo Roque Cumapa (Maestro Curandero)

Clients who have already experienced Ayahuasca with us:

Eric Albino
Eric Albino Lliuya

Dina Andrea Lliuya Reyes
Dina Andre Lliuya Reyes

Juventino Martin Albino Caldua
Juventino Martin Albino Caldua
Mountain Guide AGMP / UIAGM
Asociación de Guías de Montaña del Perú - AGMP

Rebecca Cook
Rebecca Cook

Frank Beteta Vela
Frank Beteta Vela

Brantley Jones
Brantley Jones

Corbin Debiak
Corbin Debiak

Elmer Albino
Elmer Albino

Edwin Albino
Edwin Albino

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Juventino Albino Caldua
Mountain Guide & Tour Operator
Mobile: +51 943780600

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Eric Albino Lliuya
General Sales Manager
RPM: # 943081066
fono Phone: +51 043 220733

Location Psj. Santa Teresa #133-Nueva Florida - Huaraz

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