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Peru expeditions - Huaraz - Tripadvisor!

Our - Team
South America offers so many things that we would like to show more of this beautiful continent. Through cooperation with our international partnerships and the flexible use of our multilingual guides we want to offer your travel to other South American countries.

Juventino Martin Albino Caldua:
Juventino Martin Albino Caldua

Founder, manager and Mountain Guide of Peru Expeditions Adventures & Treks EIRL

Juventino was born in 1960 in Huaraz, Peru. At age 15 he was introduced to the world of trekking and mountaineering and accompanied his father on trips with his clients. To this day he is still working as a mountain guide and tour operator. For many years he has aquired knowledge about the mountains, making him one of the most experienced and certified mountain guides.

Since 1982 he has been a member of theIVBV (Internationale Vereinigung der Bergführerverbände)  bzw. IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association) und UIAGM (Union Internationale des Associations de Guide de Montagne).

He speaks: Spanish, Quechua, some English, Italian and French.

► Most important achievements and Curriculum Vitae: More info click here!

E-mail: office(AT)peru-expeditions.org

Eric Raul Albino Lliuya:
Eric Raul albino Lliuya:

General Sales Manager, Mountaineer, Tour Organizer and Mountain Guide of Peru Expeditions Adventures & Treks EIRL

Eric was born in 1984 in Huaraz, Peru. Very early he was inspired by the mountains from trips taken with his father and grandfather. At 18, he began working as a trekking and mountain guide and support his father with tourism. He is a Mountain Guide from Huaraz, Peru.

He speaks: Spanish, Quechua, English, and some French. Currently, he is learning German also.

Peaks 150 Team :  Mammut-Project/Huascarán - Successful expedition.

His project: The 7 highest peaks of the Andes mountain range / the 10 highest peaks in America

► Most important achievements and Curriculum Vitae: More info click here!

E-mail: office(AT)peru-expeditions.org

Brian Oestrike - USA:
Brian Oestrike / USA
Co-founder of Hypoxico.

Brian Oestrike Chief Executive Officer Hypoxico Inc. 19 W 21st St. Suite 503 New York, NY 10010 Office: 212-972-1009 ext 113 Fax: 866-339-4307

Please contact - Brian Oestrike in the USA.

He speaks: English and some Spanish.

E-mail: boestrike(AT)hypoxico.com
Ing. Wilder Bravo - Peru:
Ing. Wilder Bravo - Peru
Webmaster of Peru Expeditions

Wilder was born in 1985 in Huaraz, Peru.

He is responsible for the website. When he is not working on the computer, he rides his mountain bike and participates in the expeditions in the mountains.

He likes traveling and rock and roll.

He speaks: Spanish, Quechua and English.

E-mail: wilder(AT)andean.me

Alecio Nunes - Brasil:
Alecio Nunes
Somos uma empresa brasileira,
localizada na cidade de São Paulo, especializada em ecoturismo. Com nosso conhecimento de mais de 10 anos atuando no mercado, estamos conquistando inúmeros clientes e, com muito orgulho, tornando todos nossos amigos.

Nosso principal objetivo é divulgar o ecoturismo, com espírito de educação ambiental, integrando pessoas ao meio ambiente.

Embora este seja considerado um turismo de risco, a nossa experiência e o nosso pessoal altamente capacitado permitem que nossas viagens e aventuras sejam unicamente diversão, entretenimento e cultura.

Oferecemos assessoria técnica e operacional à sua empresa, escola ou grupo, orientando quanto a roteiros, pousadas, equipamentos etc.

He speaks: Portuguese, Spanish & English.

E-mail: namaste(AT)namastenatureza.com.br

Thomas Wilken - Germany:
Thomas Wilken from Germany
Thomas Wilken
is a German Tour Operator and specialist in Trekking, Hiking, Climbing and Mountaineering. 

Our agency is based in La Paz, Bolivia, so we are able to attend you directly from here.

We mainly operate in Bolivia, but also in the other Andean countries Peru, Chile, Ecuador and soon in Argentine. Mostly we like to explore the non – touristic areas of the countries, like the Cordillera Apolobamba or Quimsa Cruz, but of course our programms also include the great Andean highlights like Machu Pichu, Titicaca Lake, Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Real, Huayna Potosi, Chachani, Chimborazo, Patagonia, Ojos de Salado or Cotopaxi.

He speaks:
Spanish, English and German 

► Most important achievements and Curriculum Vitae: More info click here!

E-mail: thomas(AT)wilkenonline.de

Alexander von Ungern - Swiss / German:
Alexander von Ungern
Alexander is our official partner from Switzerland, he is our partener for people coming from countries in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria).

Andean Ascents is managed by Alexander von Ungern. This swiss/german guy was born in 85 in Berne. Already at a young age his parents took him outdoors, for a walk in the neighbouring mountains or for intercontinental long term journeys. This might be a hint to why he got a masters degree in Evolutionary and Ecological Biology (DEE-UNIL) in 2009.

But his passion for nature is also expressed by his practice of nearly every outdoor activity.

Alex made his first climbs in the Andes in 2007 during a year long bycicle trip through Latin America (www.alexetsonvelo.weebly.com). He now lives in La Paz - Bolivia since 2010 and is spending most of his time in the Mountains, when not lost somewhere in the Amazon basin (see his other project www.andes2amazonas.com). As Alex masters 4 languages (Fr,De,En & Es) he has a special position to coordinate expeditions between the locals and the visitors.
Alex is offering Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash expeditions with Peru Expedition:
* Expedition Huascaran Sur (6768 m)
* Expedition Alpamayo
* Trekking Huayhuash and Diablo Mudo (5350 m)

E-mail: alex.agile(AT)gmail.com


Christian Schöttle - Germany:
Christian Schöttle from Germany

, 40 years-old

Cristian is 38 years old, organizes traditional travels, trekking and mountaineering.

He is our official partner for German speakers. He has studied Economy and is the General Manager of AndeanVenture. He is German. His experience helps us to offer an exceptional trip experience. Christian leads AndeanVenture

He speaks: English, German and Spanish.

E-mail: christian.schoettle(AT)andeanventure.com

Guida Alpine Claudio Schranz - Italia:
Claudio Schranz
Claudio Schranz
was born in Macugnaga in 1949.

He has been travelling all over the world for all his life; he speaks 5 languages (Swahili also). He has climbed more than 80 mountains all through the world.

He has forged new tracks on Mount Kilimanjaro (5960m) and Kenia (5119m). He has also placed 11 new tracks on the Monte Rosa. He took part in two Expeditions with Ambrogio Fogar, Reinold Messner and Luigi Zanzi.

He is also a skiing instructor and has made 15 extreme descents: Marinelli Couloir, Torromocho (Perù: from the peak to the sand of the Pacific Ocean).

Mountain Certified Professional Guide by: IVBV - UIAGM - IFMGA

He speaks: Spanish, English and French.

E-mail: cs.e(AT)live.it   

Gauthier Poncelet - Belgium:
Jeff Sandifort from Australia
Gauthier Co-founder
Originally from Belgium, Gauthier discovered the mountains at the age of 3 in les Contamines-Montjoie (Haute Savoie, France) where he learned skiing.

Since then, he has had the chance to ski and trek in beautiful places in China, Japan, Nepal, Morocco, Argentina, Corsica…and the Alps of course. When in the mountains, Gauthier particularly likes the beauty of the nature, enjoying simple moments with his relatives, and the physical efforts during a long walk or ascent.

Through Explore & Share, Gauthier wishes to better promote these great activities in the mountains and the experiences you can have while going on an adventure with a mountain guide. Within Explore & Share, Gauthier is in charge of the mountain guides community and business development.

Get in touch with him if you are looking for a mountain guide and/or inspiration for a future adventure in the mountains, skiing or walking. He will be happy to help!

He speaks: English, France and Spanish.

E-mail: gauthier(AT)explore-share.com


Nicolas Vandepaer - Argentina:
Nicolas Vandepaer
Nicolas Co-founder

His passion for the mountains began by skiing as a child and never stopped since then. He enjoys many outdoor activities, particularly trekking, summit ascents, horse riding and ski touring, which inevitably lead to exploring and discovering foreign cultures.

Thanks to the splendor of nature and the rudimentary condition of expeditions, mountain activities are an excellent environment to take a step back and renew energy, specially on the way back to civilization! Explore & Share appeared to be the perfect mix for this adventure appetite.

Indeed, it started as a personal need, when it was not easy organizing expeditions in Norway, Nepal, Morocco, Panama, Argentina, etc. for not finding quality information, as well as referenced and certified mountain guides to assist him in those tours.

In E&S he is in charge of the development team, in order to permanently find new solutions to user’s needs, and business development. Feel free to contact him if you think the site could answer other issues or if you need help to prepare your next expedition!

He speaks: English and Spanish.

E-mail: nicolas(AT)explore-share.com


Cesar Rosales - Peru:
Christian Schöttle from Germany

Cesar: He was born 1982, Cesar is from de School of Guides don Bosco in the Andes of the operation Mato Grosso.

Cesar is experience Mountain Guide & Specialist for climbing Alpamayo, Huascaran, Artesonraju, Ranrapacalca and others!

Tour leader Destinations: in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, & Argentina. Cesar Rosales is Sponsored by Montura Italien Mountain Gear

He Speaks: Spanish, Quechua, English & Italian


Anne Bialek - France:
Claudio Schranz
was born in 1970 City Sens (in France). She is our main contact for all our clients who speak French.

She has traveled most of the Andean trails and flirted with its peaks both in Bolivia and Argentina (Aconcagua, Ojos del Salado, Pisis). With Andres, a friend trekking guide, she opened a new route on the north side of the Cordillera. Sergio, another friend mountain guide, she climbed the thirteen peaks over 6000 meters above sea level in Bolivia. She plans to do with Sergio summits ascents by new or more technical tracks ....
After the ascent of the west face of Huayna Potosi and the crossing of the Illimani, the challenges are still numerous. Anne is our field specialist, and especially for the mountains.

Our future project is the treks & expeditions in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash.

She speaks: Spanish, English and French.

E-mail: info(AT)thaki-bolivia.com


Edi Koblmüller - Austria:
Edi Koblmüller
is a mountain guide and leader of the Alpine School "The BergSpechte" Edi Koblmüller. Koblmüller for more than 40 years has been an extreme altitude mountaineer with a unique range of extreme climbing and ice routes in the entire Alpine and several extra-Alpine ascents, successful ascent of five eight-thousanders seven and six, in part to new routes.

Edi and Juventino organize trips together. They are colleagues and professional guides certified by: IVBV - UIAGM - IFMGA.

They have guided since 1998 together until to the present in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru.

He speaks: German, English, and some Spanish.

E-mail: office(AT)bergspechte.at


Vicky Pilco De Parsons / Peru:
Vicky Pilco De Parsons
Travel logistics and organization of Huaraz Peru Expeditions

She was born in 1967 in Huaraz, Peru and is married to Jonathan Parsons. They have 2 children. For many years she has worked with her ​​husband in the hospitality industry they operate in the arrangement of accommodation and travel. 

Guides such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Le route, Le petit Futte, Footprint Travel Guide and others recommend Jo's Place. 

Before they started working in tourism, she studied at the Instituto Superior Pedagógico Público "Huaraz" as a teacher for primary schools and she worked in this area for several years.

She speaks: Spanish, English and Quechua.

Previous foreign travel experience:

England, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Russia, Cuba, Canada, Venezuela and the United States (Miami)

Her most recent travel experiences in Peru:

Trekking in the Cordillera Blanca: Santa Cruz Trek, all conventional tours in the Ancash region, rafting on the Rio Santa, traveling to Cuzco, Puno, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Iquitos, Tarapoto, Chachapoyas, Kuellap, Cajamarca, Trujillo, Chiclayo and Yurimaguas.

Koseth Saenz / Peru:
Koseth Saenz
Travel and logistics organization in Lima of 
Peru Expeditions

She was born in 1984 in Lima / Peru.


Training for Tourism Management


Her recent activities:

- Tour operator
- Tour guide in the city of Lima in Spanish and English 
- Purchase of bus tickets to various destinations in Peru 
- Tourist service - pickup and return service from / to the airport of Lima 
- Cultural Tours in Lima 

She speaks Spanish and English.

Previous foreign travel experience:

Brazil (SãoPaulo, RIO, IGUAZU), Chile (Santiago), Ecuador (Guayaquil Y QUITO)

Her recent travel experiences in Peru:

In Peru: Paracas, Ballestas, Reserva Nacional de Paracas, Ica, Nazca (Lineas de Nazca), Chauchillas, Chauchi, Arequipa (Colca Canion), Trek Chivay, Puno, Isla de los Urus, Taquile, Amantani (Turismo Vivencial) , Cusco, Lares Trek y Camino Inka + y Machupichu Huaynapicchu, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Turismo Arqueologico, Piura, Tumbes culture, Selva Central, La merced, Chanchamayo, Satipo Pichanaki, Oxapampa, Pozuzo, Iquitos (y Turismo Convensional Vivencial) Pucalpa, Cajamarca (Tours Convensional) Yauyos, Choças Norte (Sierra de Lima).

She speaks: Spanish & English.


Armin Liedl - Austria:
Armin Liedl
Armin Liedl:
He was born in 1965

Location: Heredia. Armin is a professional guide certified by: IVBV - UIAGM - IFMGA since 1991. He ha worked full-time since 1993 for the mountain woodpecker, and for 15 years on the road in Africa (Morocco, Ski, Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya), especially in South America (in the mountains of Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica) but also in Asia (Gasherbrum II , Lenin Peak, Mera peak, Sherpani Col, Spantik)

Juventino and Armin have led many expeditions together in to the Cordillera Blanca.

He speaks: German, Spanish and English.

E-mail: office(AT)alcostarica.com


Harald M. Petrul - Germany:
Harald M. Petrul
One of our main partners who operates the trips with German speaking clients.

Paititi Tours & Adsventures Geodis Wilson Germany GmbH & Co KG, BAX Global GmbH Educación: Burlington Air Express Ltd.

Specialities: Logistics and tourism markets Latin America, with a focus on Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

He speaks: German, English, and Spanish.

E-mail: hpetrul(AT)aol.com


Marco Roncaglioni - Italia:
Marco Roncaglioni - Italia
He is a professional guide certified by: IVBV - UIAGM - IFMGA. He reached the peaks of M.Rosa at 12 years old, then was the first 4000m climber at 14 years old. Since then, he is always off to make fascinating discoveries in the new and wild world where it is always necessary to overcome and resolve new difficulties, and gain the experience necessary to lead people in the mountains. At age 22 he passed the examination for Alpine Guides.

He has made new routes along big walls of the Alps, especially in the area of ​​Rosa M. M.Bianco, and Matterhorn. Later in Europe, with the all mountain systems of the world, he has participated in the opening of new routes on peaks with altitudes of over 7000 meters.

He has begun to organize trekking operations to accompany participants on the tops of the most significant mountain ranges of the world. Marco has guided many expedition together with Juventino Albino Caldua along trek Santa Cruz and climbed Nevado Pisco.

He speaks: Italien, Spanish and English .

E-mail: marco.roncaglioni(AT)comune.varese.it

Milivoj Erdeljan - Serbia:
Milivoj Erdeljan
Secretary - Travel and logistics organization in Serbia

Miki: he was born in 1964 in Serbia.

Organization of expeditions:

PERU: Best of the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca Expeditions Alpamayo (5947 m) and Huascaran (6768 m)  

He speaks: Serbian & English.

E-mail: erdeljanmilivoj(AT)gmail.com

Richard Pezzino - USA:
Richard Pezzino - USA
Rick: He is our main contact in Iquitos for our travelers. Co-Founder/Director & Marketing of Manitiexpeditions. A native of the United States, Richard has traveled extensively throughout North, Central & South America, Europe & Southeast Asia but always finds himself back in Peru. Rick is responsible for all aspects of marketing and new business development. Rick’s dedication has allowed Maniti Expeditions to grow from a small agency in Iquitos to a multinational tour operator, recognized in over 20 countries!

He speaks: English and Spanish

E-mail: richard.pezzino(AT)manitiexpeditions.com


Ronen Raz - Israel:
Ronen Raz - Israel
He is one of our contacts organizing trips from Israel to destinations in Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuash, Inka Culture Machu picchu, and Lago Titicaca.

Also including the countries of South America, Central America, South America, Africa & Asia.

He speaks: Hebrew, English, and some Spanish.

E-mail: ronen(AT)eco.co.il


Slawek Mroczek - Poland:
Slawek Mroczek - Poland
he was born in 1975, he is a professional climber from Poland. He participated in an expedition in Cordillera Blanca, and started to discover South America in 2014. He has climbed all over the world: Kazbek, Mt. Blanc, Elbrus, Island Peak, Ama Dablam, Matterhorn, Grossglockner a few times in winter, rock climbing in europe, Manaslu, Mt maudi, & Mt blanc.

Since 2014 Slawek Mroczek and his team are members of Peru expeditions.

The future project in Peru: Expedition nevados Alpamayo and Huascaran

He speaks: Polish and English

E-mail: s.mroczek(AT)next-tech.pl

Iso Planić - Serbia:
Milivoj Erdeljan - Serbia
President of Mountaineering Association of Vojvodina in Serbia

Iso: he was born in 1965 in Serbia. He is one of the Serbs who aim to climb the 14 eight thousand project.

Organization of expeditions president:

PERU: Best of the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca Expeditions Alpamayo (5947 m) and Huascaran (6768 m)  

He speaks: Serbian & English.

E-mail: planinarivojvodine(A)gmail.com

Alberto Paleari- Italia:
Alberto Paleari- Italia
Alberto: He was born in Macugnaga in 1949.

He has been travelling all over the world for all his life.

He is an instructor in high mountain guiding and sking. He has made many significant climbs in Peru since 1980 with colleague Juventino Albino.

Mountain Guide certified professional guides by: IVBV - UIAGM - IFMGA

He is a member of C.A.I - Club Alpino Italiano Sezioni Est Monte Rosa

He speaks: Italian and some Spanish.

E-mail: al.paleari(AT)gmail.com


Robert Cervioni - France:
Robert Cervioni - France
He is one of our contacts in Liccetu 20228 – Luri – Corsica – France. He participates in a project for Works Committee, a mountain hiking club, run by a group of friends.

His vision for travel includes worldwide destinations and countries in South America: Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Africa, North America & Asia.

He speaks: French, English, and Spanish.

E-mail: contact(AT)altre-cime.com


Juventino Albino Caldua
Mountain Guide & Tour Operator
Mobile: +51 943780600

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Eric Albino Lliuya
General Sales Manager
RPM: # 943081066
fono Phone: +51 043 220733

Location Psj. Santa Teresa #133-Nueva Florida - Huaraz

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